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ripple buttons & gadgets

You can help ripple by placing a link on your website.


These buttons link directly to the "Give" pages. You can use the code next to each button to link to ripple from your site.

Give Water


Give Food


Give Education


Give Money



All-in-one button

ripple Give Money Give Education Give Food Give Water

This button will allow people to click directly through to any of the Give pages. It requires a bit of code to work properly, you simply need to copy and paste the following (the image resides on our server):



Simple Support Buttons

If that's too tricky for you, save or copy the address of your preferred button and link it to http://www.ripple.org

ripple-button ripple-button


Google Gadget

Click the button below to add a ripple Gadget to your personal Google homepage.

Add to Google


Chrome extension

Flyout for Ripple give buttons direct from the Chrome toolbar

> Download here